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Thomas Barrat  
  The Korean War Veterans Memorial resides on the National Mall, southeast of the Lincoln Memorial and just south of the Reflecting Pool.

It is dedicated to the armed forces that served and sacrificed during the Korean War. The memorial has walls 164 feet long and eight inches thick, and from a bird’s eye view, the memorial appears as an isosceles triangle with the tip intersecting a circle over a pool of water.

Images of troops moving by sea, land and air are sandblasted onto the surface of the wall, while a squadron of 19 stainless steel figures, including members from each branch of the armed forces, are situated in the center of the memorial. It also features a United Nations Wall, which lists all 22 members of the U.N. that contributed to the war efforts, as well as a granite wall that states “Freedom Is Not Free.” Finally, there is the Pool of Remembrance, which has inscriptions that list the number of soldiers killed, wounded, missing in action and held as prisoners of war.

According to the National Park Service, the memorial receives roughly 3.5 million visitors per year.


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