About Tom Barrat  

Tom’s interest in photography started when he was in the 7th grade in Florida, and the teacher in Architectural Drawing was the sponsor for the Junior High School's Camera Club. Using a broad array of film cameras, he learned the technical aspects of cameras and photography shooting black and white film of vintage airplanes mothballed in a corner of the old airport in Miami. But despite his early interest in photography, he grew up to become a banker, and then moved into the computer software business.

While photography continued to be a hobby and passion, he was an executive with a Fortune 500 company that processed ATM and debit card transactions for financial institutions. He was responsible for business development for that business line, and was a pioneer in the EFT industry, having helped to start two of the nation’s first ATM networks, as well as being one of the first to implement online banking during the 1980s.

Tom was an early adopter of digital cameras when he moved to California. The instant feedback, and ease of sharing images, reignited his passion for photography. Now as a stock photographer, specializing in architecture, travel and wildlife, he has taken photographs all over the United States, and in 20 countries abroad.

Shooting totally digital, he is a contributing stock photographer to a number of Internet stock photo agencies, as well as to his own website. During the last five years, he has had over 50,000 images downloaded for use on websites, annual reports, newspapers, magazine articles, books, and other print media.

Over 58% of his downloaded work is purchased internationally.

You can place an order for his new coffee table book, Chicago: A Photographic Portrait, published by Twin Lights Publishers. Click here.

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Tom Barrat email: tbarrat@gmail.com